Daniela DiIorio is a highly-experienced on-screen and voice-over actress that has appeared in national commercials, TV shows and digital series worldwide. Most recently, she starred in several episodes of TruTV’s sketch series, Six Degrees of Everything, voiced and starred in multiple Purina/Friskies commercials and co-starred in the successful, digital Pilot, Binge“.

Daniela had the honor of being the lead two seasons of the award-winning, critically-acclaimed Hulu digital series, Leap Year, opposite Eliza Dushku, Joshua Malina and Craig Bierko and one season of the also-award-winning and also-critically-acclaimed digital series, Break a Leg. She has acted in a slew of commercials and brand spots for companies like Samsung, SAP, Zappos, Arby’s, Chili’s and three national commercials that just won’t stop playing for Credit Karma.

As a voiceover actress, her voice can be heard in the hit NCSoft video game, Blade & Soul (as a variety of characters), an upcoming animated series for Machinima, entitled, Escape from Team Fortress, number digital series for Friskies (she is a cat voice expert), and the Disney/Maker Studios series, Dan is Dead.

Finally, Daniela is a member of Happy Little Guillotine Studios’ acting troupe — a production company and artist’s co-op responsible for some of the web’s biggest hits.

Besides acting, Daniela is desperately in love with Italy and cupcakes — but not cupcakes in Italy, because they don’t super get them there.